Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Intus Facetattoo

What should I say?
This guy is no part of the crew, and actually Andre "Manson" Fischer is the only one who knows him,
but he has defenetly the craziest Intus Tattoo of All. Motherfucker its dangerous to drink with a Intus-guy who owns a tattoo-machine.


  1. To make it clear. Both me and andre where sober when we made the tattoo. and i did it so andre could film and put it in his skatevideo. BUT! Im still the badest motherfucker that ever lived haha fuck yea

  2. haha...ok man. Thats a word. So I can guarantee you, that you got it in our Video. And if we will meet some day,
    you get a huge beer from me.