Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tassilo Dülken Tribute

Party like a beast, skate like a bitch.

this party-footy is 2 years old right now, but its still pure gold. This is the way we roll!

Fländers- The real satanic Hippie

Just some old footy from the last years. But still to good to throw away.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Back from Helsinki

I spent the last two weeks in Helsinki, to have some party with our finnish weekend-warrior Juhani.
Unfortuneltly I had a broken toe and there was a little bit of snow in the streets.
So, there is no skate footage and actually there is no footage at all.
But there are a few tunes in my head from this tour who may can explain what happend in this 2 weeks.



Thanks, to Juhani. And thanks to everybody I met in this two weeks for all this crazy shit! Special Satanic greatings to Erno!

MÜNSTER again...

one more clip from the session at berg fidel with some more footy of lensen
filmed and edited by johan fründ

Sunday, 13 March 2011


checked out the rebuilded bowl at berg fidel, münster on saturday!
MINUS-RAMPS did a real good job, super smooth concrete and speed everywhere... just perfect but i expected nothing else
but the deepend is fucking scary, i nearly shitted my pants
it was good to see the KOLOSSdudes again, visit the blackheaven skateshop and buy some stuff from them
support this shiteaters!!! alta BIERUPDATE

a little clip of the session: lensen hit some tricks and the koloss-fuckers representing INTUS

Grinsi BS Air
KOLOSS is spreading the plague
at daytime i was too scared, so i did it at dawn...

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


last weekend Felder and me went to Aurich with the Rebel Rockers for some miniramp contest...
the ramp was preety shitty but the rest of the indoor park is really really good.
so we skated the rest of the park mostly and loosed at skating the miniramp, but who cares...
it was still a good weekend, everyone had fun skating and getting drunk.
thanks to Slowmo Jack and the guys from aurich!
signatur lensen photo-move
And all Hail the OPFAKING!!!

some öki stuff

stefan from rotterdam visited us and showed us these two little clips
of him skating rotterdamm!

and this one from tacky.nl
this weekend we are going to visit him in rotterdamm
get some footage and ehh diong other stuff too!