Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dark Woods

Intus-The Secret of dark woods

Intus built it, Intus shred it

Street-Pictures from last year

Check out: Tim Korbmacher
There are some good pics from Fländers, Monty and Lensen.
Monty´s Fs-Nollie is my fav.
Thanks to Timmi

Some Stuff

La Casa De Sochy from Sochy Society on Vimeo.

This Clip doesnt look like Intus, but our Rider Marcel "Monty" Kühnemund is more Intus than you can handle.
Check out his Tre-Bomb, bitches.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fledericos Birthday

Fländers turns 23 ...mafuckers. Sent him some dope!

pic by: Tim Korbmacher


ESB-Sides Marcel Kühnemund from aladin cabart on Vimeo.

This clip shows a young Marcel Kühnemund rippin.

Love and other drugs

Intus Rider Andre Fischer spent the summer in Barcelona. he was really into the party business.
Drugs, skatebording and Tattoos. Healthy lifestyle!

pics by daubert

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

intus- Get Rich or die drinking

The Intus-Riders are taking care of business.
Contest and other Missions! here are some Results:

Bowl Owl Cologne -1.10.11 - Lensen made the First Place !

Best of Both -24.09.11 - Lensen place 4 or something.

2er on Fire -20.08.11 - The Crew made the 5th place.

NK 2011- Rotterdam - 19.03.11 Stefan "ülki" Scholten 10th Place.

Its time to take life serious...
or not.