Monday, 7 February 2011

X-MAS Teammeeting

to celebrate one of the biggest human lies,
INTUS decided to do a little teammeeting at christmas!
it was the first time that so many INTUS teamrider came together.
only juhanni from finnland and ange schlange from switzerland were missing.
(just a joke, ange is from austria off course!)
here are some pictures of the action...
we had a real good dinner
not only good but much
fuck yeah we even got one of these trees...
how many drunks can fit on one photo?
working class heroes! destroy them all!
after that the situation got out of control...what a surprise


  1. haha ach du dickes Ei.

  2. Sieht nach nem besinnlichen Fest aus, wie bei meine Omma. Nur hat Omma noch ihren Weihnachtsbaum mit Pechfackeln geschmückt gehabt.

  3. dat war ein fest!

  4. deine Skatercrew wird von Arabern gebanged