Max "Pizza" Beckmann

Your  current Town: 

Your Sponsors:
Intus, Salut Skateboards, High-Five Skateshop, Habitat-Footwear Flow

Your favourite Intus-experience:
The swimming Pool-Rage in Hannover 2008, the Finnalnd-Trip 2011 and 
the early Intus Days in Düsseldorf Cologne

Bs-180 switch Nosegrinde revert...bra
Your favourite Drinks:
Herri, Gin-Tonic and Water
Your favourite DIY-Obstacle:

Intus Member since day one ! 
Your favourite Karate-Move:
 Backflipkick in ya Face

Your favourite Ice-Cream:
Anything I can use to put it on my damaged wrists.

Pizza is an allrounder  gap to five O

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